Live well

Project People challenges inequality and promotes community opportunity to improve quality of life.

Some activities support specific disadvantaged groups, but our main focus is making sure everyone has equitable access to all the projects we and our partners run. We want whole communities to live well locally.

Project People makes sure no-one is left behind.

Everyone thriving

FEL projects are for everyone. Whether it’s getting around sustainably, eating well or protecting the environment, we’re helping build a healthier future for ourselves and the planet.

Project People amplifies the voices of women and minority genders around social and environmental change so that when change happens, it works for the good of all. FEL thrives to collaborate with LGBTQIA+ organisations, supports international awareness and action campaigns by running dedicated activities such as led cycle rides.

Living well means living local.

If we can access more of the services and amenities we need closer to home, we can reduce our carbon footprint, widen economic opportunity and reduce pressure on resources. Project People helps urban and rural communities use the 20-minute neighbourhood model to plan their development more sustainably.


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They can deliver on your promises too.

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