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FEL Membership

Make your voice heard. Make your ideas matter. Make your world a better place.

Climate action groups, charities, community organisations, businesses and individuals are all coming together as FEL members to protect our planet.

We’re building a network of skills, interests and expertise that will help you realise your climate ambitions and find new opportunities to create positive environmental change.

We’ll use our knowledge, experience and influence to amplify your voice, bring your ideas to life and maximise the impact of your actions. Together, we can make our world a better place.

Benefits of becoming a member

We know a lot of people who are taking action on climate change.
We know who the experts are. We understand how they can help.
Now we’re bringing them together to share that knowledge with other FEL members.
So, if you need information or advice, you’ll have someone to ask.
And if you’ve found something that works, you can pass it on to amplify its effect.

When you stand together, your cause is more clearly seen. When you speak with one voice, your message is better heard. When you act as a collective, you can make bigger change.

FEL members belong to a strong community that collaborates, innovates and achieves. We have more power together than we have alone.

This network is your network.
FEL’s strategic relationships across the public and private sectors can unlock new opportunities for our members.
We’ll help develop your profile, advocate on your behalf and connect you with new sources of funding, advice and support.
Together, FEL members have the knowledge and power to influence the future course of action on climate change.

Choose a membership type

Community Group

All forms of group, club, committee, trust or council formed for the purpose of community activity.

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Members who don't represent a community group.

Free Membership


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