Bike Library

FEL offers a broad range of support for those wanting to take up more active travel. Since 2016 FEL have offered free ebike loans to any members of the public across Forth Valley. We also offer a range of other equipment including kids trailers, kids seats, cargo bikes and other cycling equipment.

Interested in an ebike?

If you’re interested in becoming more active, ditching the car or are simply interested in leisure cycling and would like to trial an ebike,  try it out with us!

All bikes are supplied with locks, lights, helmets and panniers. If you would like additional support such as cycle training and route planning we can also provide this.

Ebike loans this way

Hauling cargo?

Taking the kids to school? Surfing the cycle paths to collect the shopping? Or is there a island hopping camping trip in your future and you need to haul cargo?

In our small cargo bike fleet we just might have the bike that fits your transporting needs.

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Hosting an event?

Think you can smoothly pedal your way to a fresh smoothie? Or be the life and charge of the party with our charge bike? Powering phones, speakers and more. Interested? Get in contact with us today.