Falkirk Food Futures Preschool kids and their carers tend to the strawberry patch in the Community Garden strawberry patch at Tamfournill Community Centre.

Change is here

Protecting the planet can seem an overwhelming challenge. Especially when day-to-day living is more pressing than the climate crisis itself. But powerful change can be simple to make. And what’s best for us can be better for our world too.

So while environmental policy can feel like all talk and no action, our projects are out there making change happen – showing people
how to take everyday steps that help them, their communities and the planet.

Our Projects

FEL projects meet people where they’re at. Whether they just need a little support or don’t know where to start, we get them going and keep them moving. Our projects are inclusive, engaging, educational and fun. They let people learn, achieve and make positive change with lasting effects.

Everything we do, every project we take on, we look at every aspect to see where we can address Climate, Travel, Food, People, Nature and Sharing to have the biggest impact possible. We take a holistic approach to changing our world for the better. Project by project.


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Our projects deliver what we promise.
They can realise your ambitions too.

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