Move smarter

Project Travel helps people get around more sustainably, in ways that are better for their health and for our planet.

We make walking, riding or wheeling a smart move economically and environmentally – and we make them accessible to everyone too.

Ride or stride

We all want to see more people riding bikes, scooters and skateboards. Project Travel is where they get started. It’s also where they build confidence, find others to ride with and develop practical skills like route planning and repair.

Walking is the original mode of active travel – and it’s still one of the healthiest ways of moving around more sustainably. Project Travel gets people striding out, exploring new routes and enjoying being closer to nature. It also helps them plan bus journeys too, and enjoy time spent travelling without the stress of being at the wheel.

Project Travel promotes active transport in young people. It provides on-site support through Bikeability training, maintenance classes and led rides. It can even get bikes to kids who don’t have one. We’re also working with NHS services and social prescribers, to get healthcare staff moving on their way to and from work and help patients recover better. And our Community Hubs offer the same support to anyone who needs it.


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They can deliver on your promises too.

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