Good living

FEL is here to help people, their communities and our planet thrive.

We believe that powerful change can be simple to make.

And we design the collaborative social and environmental projects that deliver it – helping everyone take small steps to make their lives better and the world a healthier, happier, more sustainable place.

What we do

Great people

We’re just like you. We’re committed to changing lives and protecting our planet. We’re determined to make a difference.

Show, don’t tell

We don’t tell anyone what to do.

We show communities what’s possible and help them figure out what works best for them. Then we work together to make positive change happen – for people and the planet.

How we do that is what makes our projects succeed:

  1. We work in the real world – making ‘the environment’ meaningful by making it personal.

  2. We live here too – we know the people and places we help, what they have and what they need.

  3. We’re community-centric – our projects are focused on helping people live well, feel good and look after where they live.

  4. We’re straight talking – climate change is complicated, but the way we speak about it isn’t.

  5. We join the dots – our projects connect people and expertise, drawing on established networks and always building new ones.

That’s how we’re changing our world for the better, project by project.

It’s how we help people, communities and our planet thrive.


Project FEL

At FEL Scotland, we are dedicated to building sustainable communities by promoting three key principles: supporting active transport, advocating for local food systems, and fostering a culture of durability and repair for shared usage.

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The project people

Great teams make great things happen. That’s what we’ve got at FEL. We’re a diverse, inclusive bunch who are always learning and driven by shared values in everything we do: we’re grounded and practical, creative and influential, collaborative and connected.

Have a look at our skill set to see how we can make our projects work for you.

Who we are

Project You

There’s a place for everyone at FEL.
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