Come Together

Whatever steps you’re taking to protect our planet, you don’t have to take them alone. At FEL, we’re building a regional Climate Action Hub to unite communities in responding to climate change.

The Climate Action Hub team

Climate Action Hubs, funded by Scottish Government, are here to help people understand what is happening to our environment, see how others are making changes that will protect their communities, and be inspired and supported to act themselves.

They all belong to a national network set up by the Scottish Government as part of its efforts to prepare communities for climate change and ensure a just transition to net zero emission living.

Our Climate Action Hub for the Forth Valley and Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park will bring communities together, ensuring they are informed, engaged and empowered to develop local initiatives that build low-carbon, climate-resilient futures for everyone where they live.

Hub goals

Climate Action Hubs are here to:

  • Make everyone aware of the climate and nature emergency we face
  • Strengthen community resilience to climate change
  • Promote cooperation, collaboration and shared learning between places
  • Develop responses to climate change that reflect local circumstances and priorities
  • Build communities’ capacity to create and implement their own action plans
  • Amplify community voices and the reach of local campaigns
  • Advance social equity through a just transition to low-carbon future living   

How we’re helping

From food to travel, nature to sharing, action on climate change is at the heart of every FEL project.

So too is community growth: we let people see what’s possible and help them develop the skills and confidence to make the changes they want to see.

Now we’re taking that approach to the next level: creating a powerful membership of innovators and collaborators, and helping them find the inspiration, support and resources to build community responses to environmental change.

Our Climate Action Hub is where it all comes together.


Climate Action Hubs are a ground-breaking initiative from Scottish Government’s Net Zero campaign, that puts power into the hands of our communities. They have been expanded through the current financial year.