Crafternoons with Alloa Community Enterprise

14.06.2024 | isabella

Alloa Community Enterprise used their 2024 Seed Grant to fund 8 workshops that mixed upcycling skills workshops with climate action and emissions reduction sessions. These Crafternoons were a hit, and those that went along had the chance to upcycle chairs, lampshades, bookcases, and make mosaics. Read on to find out more.

“We raised people’s awareness of climate change through a series of workshops demonstrating how to reuse/recycle utilising materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill. We also created an informational display with leaflets and flyers from partners on topics related to climate change and its effects.”

“We brought new people into ACE through advertising and participation in the Crafternoon workshops.  We worked together with other organisations such as the Men’s Shed and CAB to share information on relevant topics.  Participants in the Crafternoon sessions have created their own little community group and are looking to put together their own program of activities with a climate change theme involving a variety of other people/groups in the community who are willing to share their skills and knowledge.”

“All participants are now more aware of climate change agenda and how individuals can have an impact through reuse, repurposing and recycling.  Various cross table discussions took place at these session on a variety of different topics related to local area and reuse and repurposing.  The recognition of the cost benefits to these actions was also discussed and realised.”

“As with any coming together of the community, friendships were made and the women looked forward to the sessions.  They have now formed their own group and are looking to keep up with the Crafternoons at ACE. Many of our participants were not employed due to ill- health, however our regular session provided a sense of purpose for our ladies.”

The impact of theses workshops on the attendees has been amazing, and feedback from the sessions has shown the meaningful impact of the Crafternoons. One lady said “I love these workshops. I really look forward to them,” with another saying, “It’s been really good that I’ve made new friends as I don’t really have many people I know in the area.” The climate aspect of the sessions shines through when participants say, “I like seeing what I can make from nothing at home now, I think more about what I throw away and try to repurpose items where possible. I didn’t really do that before.”

“Due to us now having our information board and publicising/promoting our work more we have been approached to be hosting the Circular Economy Forum meeting in May. ACE is very excited about this. It will allow us to showcase our work and learn from others who share similar values and goals in relation to climate change.”

Visit Alloa Community Enterprise to find out more about the work they do and their upcoming events.

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