#TheGreatBigGreenWeek Clothes Swap

19.06.2024 | jemma

Last week, the FEL Climate Action Hub hosted a Clothes Swap event at our hub near Stirling Train Station. This two-day event aimed to reduce textile waste by offering a space where community members could donate and/or receive clothing items, giving them a new lease of life. The event was part of The Great Big Green Week, the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature.

Offerings came in the form of ‘swaps’ and in addition a significant donation from our partners at the Transition Stirling Reuse Hub where there had been an abundance of clothing looking for a new home. Throughout the event, nearly 180 pieces of clothing found new owners, and around 70 people engaged with our friendly team of climate hub staff. One volunteer stayed with us for the whole day and had a fantastic ability to engage with the crowds, this brought us a lot of joy and their efforts were very gratefully received!

A range of different people were able to find something that suited their needs, many just passing through who were keen to take part in this community effort to tackle the effects of climate change. For some, this was a gift to receive clothing for free and others it was a great way to participate in something meaningful whilst getting to restyle and update their wardrobe without any cost. A great buzz was created, and connections were made even within the community of ‘shopper/swappers’ themselves.

The Clothes Swap was a resounding success, advancing our goals of resource recirculation and raising awareness about the circular economy. By keeping clothes in use for as long as possible, we aim to prevent items from ending up in landfills or undergoing energy-intensive recycling processes. The event also featured opportunities for mending and embellishing clothing, further extending their lifespan. More people are now aware of how to participate in a shared economy, and we’re excited to plan similar events to continue climate action awareness. Stay tuned for our upcoming ‘Plastic-free July’ events at the Stirling Hub!


Some interesting circular economy facts (with sources linked): 

  1. 84% of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from the products and services we buy.
  2. Scotland consumed over 100 million tonnes of material in 2018, which is 19 tonnes of material per person on average.
  3. Experts have stated that it is possible to live sustainable, high-quality lives on a material footprint of eight tonnes of materials per person per year.


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