Case study: Suzie

29.01.2024 | jemma

Suzie was anti-cycling until her pal asked her to join a course through her local community group. Little did Suzie know this would turn her life around – in the way of spinning wheels. 

This was an Adult Cycle Skills course from us at FEL, where we aim to establish foundations of riding, road safety as a cyclist and basic mechanics. 

Suzie turned up and immediately fell in love with her new bike companion, “Bob”! 

It was part of the deal that if trainees turned up to each session, they would receive their bikes as a gift at the end. 

Suzie (and Bob) completed the course easy-breezy. Since that moment she lives everyday life from the saddle, riding alongside her wee one Ayon, also a bike enthusiast, to school, the shops, and on general adventures. 

Suzie has also been the core member of our monthly Whacky Wheelers group, which encourages local women to keep building upon regular riding skills and having a wee community to do so. 

More recently Suzie has taken a long-term loan from our E-Bike loan scheme and so has felt enabled to incorporate riding even more within her daily ventures. 

At FEL we strive to offer meaningful connections and access to empowering resources for the communities we establish bonds with. This has meant Suzie will complete her Cycle Leadership training and hopefully cruise into the future inspiring others with her own epic two-wheeled story! 

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