Veganuary with FEL

27.12.2023 | jemma

Veganuary began eleven years ago, founded by Jane Land and Matthew Glover. Since 2013, sign ups have grown exponentially. While many choose to try veganism during the first month of the year for health reasons, some do see the potential benefits to the climate.

Reducing your meat intake can be a great way to help save carbon and reduce your individual impact. Trying a plant-based diet for a month is also an opportunity to start including more wholesome vegetables, nuts and pulses in the dishes you eat. Eating more beans is one of the simplest ways to both improve your nutrient intake and give your microbiome a boost – something that is very welcome after the excesses of Christmas!

Stirling’s own vegan restaurant, Nooch, will be serving up delicious vegan food free of charge at our train station hub this January. Come along on the 22nd to try their delicious food, and you may be inspired to cook this way at home.

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