The National Veg Summit: Where do Veg Feature in a Good Food Nation

20.11.2023 | stephanie

We had an incredible time and engaging discussions at the National Veg Summit hosted by Nourish Scotland. This Summit, one of four held across the UK nations this year, not only celebrated the success of the UK Peas Please project but also aimed to spark thoughts on removing barriers and enhancing veg accessibility.

Recognising that Scotland’s diet ranks among the worst in Europe, the Good Food Nation Act presents a unique opportunity to transform our approach to food in Scotland. Keeping this in mind, this event sought out to encourage attendees to delve deep into the broader veg food system, collectively bringing fresh perspectives to the table. The insights gained can then inform responses to the draft National Food Plan consultation and potentially generate ideas for future veg projects, initiatives, and campaigns.

FEL took part engaging with a stall highlighting our Forth Valley Sustainable Food Partnerships and our Shared Prosperity Falkirk Food Futures project.

Our workshop discussions were led by two guest provocateurs who presented their case for the Good Food Nation Bill across various sector themes. This proved to be an excellent way to stimulate veg-centred discussion and hear from inspiring projects and cases and FEL were happy to be one of the facilitators for this.

Among the contributors were:

Central & West Integration Network: Vivien Opiolka
Veg Advocate & Food Activist: Joanne Fullerton
Compass Scotland: David Hay
Argyll & Bute Council / Assist FM: Jayne Jones
Lauriston Agroecological Farm: Jossie Ellis
Kettle Produce: Susie McIntyre
Food Standards Scotland: Gillian Purdon
Scottish Government: Peter Faassen de Hee

Huge congratulations to the winners of the veg display! The creatively arranged displays were a source of joy and inspiration for us to enjoy on the day.

Thanks to Nourish for a very well organised and valuable event for us to be part of, and for the wonderfully veggie-full lunch to fuel our engagement.

Keep an eye on the Nourish Scotland pages for more updates from the event to come, and to Glasgow Food Network who were also recording a podcast episode coming soon.

Find out more from your Forth Valley Sustainable Food Partnerships here:
Forth Valley Food Futures

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