Second annual Veggie Christmas

21.12.2023 | jemma

To kick off festivities, FEL put on our second annual Veggie Christmas event at the Dawson Community Centre on Thursday 7th December. This was a chance to have a community meal with groups and people we’ve worked with through the last twelve months, as well as to introduce our activities to new friends.

We welcomed more than 30 people on the day, and gave away £150 worth of prizes through the raffle. Our menu consisted of veggie haggis, brussels sprouts, parsnips and carrots, a squash wreath, and desserts. Almost everything, including the gravy, was vegan – apart from the cauliflower cheese!

Julie Howden was on hand during the day to take photos, which was have included here. Do let us know if you came, and if you enjoyed the feast. Will you include vegetarian alternatives on the big day?

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